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Here you can find Electrical Engineering interview questions with answers and explanation. IndiaBIX provides you lots of fully solved Electrical Engineering questions and answers with explanation.

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Current Electricity 2. Network Theorems 3. Electrostatics 4. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 5. Magnetic Circuit 6. Electromagnetic Induction 7.

Electrolysis and Storage of Batteries 8. Fundamentals, Circuits and Circuit Theory 9. Generators Motors Transformers Polyphase Induction Motors Single Phase Induction Motors Synchronous Motors Rectifiers and Converters Economics of Power Generation Transmission and Distribution Switchgear and Protection Cables Electrical Engineering Materials Electrical Machine Design Measurement and Instrumentation Control Systems Electric Traction Industrial Drives Heating and Welding Series-parallel Circuits Passive Filters Quantities and Units Series Circuits Branch, Loop and Node Analyses Alternating Current and Voltage Inductors RC Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Three-Phase Systems in Power Applications Time Response of Reactive Circuits Circuit Theorems and Conversions Multi-Stage Transistor Amplifiers Solid-State Switching Circuits Regulated D.

Power Supply Modulation and Demodulation Transistor Tuned Amplifiers Oscillators Amplifiers with Negative Feedback Parallel Circuits Especially we are prepare for the Electrical Engineering freshers and professionals, these model questions are asked in the online technical test, Quiz and interview of many companies. Dear sir , I am preparing for ETO marine oral exam. Sath hi sath me defferent all interviews question pdf as well as study materials.

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Respected sir, I am not able to see following topics question. I have studied all the topics and got to much help for competative exams specially for electrician exam can you please mail me sir. Only following topic multiple type question and answer. It will also help for me…….. Three phase induction motor.

Single phase induction motor. Universal motor.


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Both generator and alternator work on the same principle they convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. An RLC circuit carries an electrical circuit consisting of a resistor R and inductor L and a capacitor C , connected in parallel or series. This circuit is called a second order circuit as any voltage or current in the circuit can be described by a second order differential equation. Wire is sized by American Wire Gauge system. Your installation of conductors will depend on a few factors like gauge of the wire, wire capacity, etc. For wires, smaller the wire gauge larger the ampacity or capacity of the wire to handle current.



In this article provide you all subjects MCQ or objective question with answer categories wise. If author or distributer have any problem Contact Us or comment below we will remove all link as soon as possible. Also see our DMCA policy. Generators, D. Fundamentals, Circuits And Circuit Theory.

Dear Readers, Welcome to Basic Electrical Engineering multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Specially developed for the Electrical Engineering freshers and professionals, these model questions are asked in the online technical test and interview of many companies. Fresh Trending Easy Medium Hard. Pulsating dc signal into a pure dc signal b.

Current Electricity 2. Network Theorems 3. Electrostatics 4.

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