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Computer scientists are not the only ones who use formal languages.

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Principles of Programming Languages: Design, Evaluation, and Implementation

This article addresses the need for engineers to have a working knowledge of the fundamental structures of computer programming languages. In pursuit of this, it briefly looks at the history behind four of the more well-known programming languages. It then attempts to identify, and to look critically at, the attributes of programming languages that significantly affect the production of engineering software. These languages are compared and some general observations are made. The emphasis of this article is on the attributes, characteristics, and components of programming languages that are important to software development and maintenance. Consequently, the comparison itself is of secondary importance, with the actual methodology of comparison given prominence in order that professional engineers who need to develop engineering software are able to make rational decisions about the choice of a programming language.

In software engineering and programming language theory , the abstraction principle or the principle of abstraction is a basic dictum that aims to reduce duplication of information in a program usually with emphasis on code duplication whenever practical by making use of abstractions provided by the programming language or software libraries [ citation needed ]. The principle is sometimes stated as a recommendation to the programmer, but sometimes stated as a requirement of the programming language, assuming it is self-understood why abstractions are desirable to use. The origins of the principle are uncertain; it has been reinvented a number of times, sometimes under a different name, with slight variations. When read as recommendation to the programmer, the abstraction principle can be generalized as the " don't repeat yourself " principle, which recommends avoiding the duplication of information in general, and also avoiding the duplication of human effort involved in the software development process. As a recommendation to the programmer, in its formulation by Benjamin C. Pierce in Types and Programming Languages , the abstraction principle reads emphasis in original : [1].

An evaluation of programming languages and language features for engineering software development

The history of programming languages spans from documentation of early mechanical computers to modern tools for software development. Early programming languages were highly specialized, relying on mathematical notation and similarly obscure syntax. During —, Ada Lovelace translated the memoir of Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea about Charles Babbage 's newest proposed machine: the Analytical Engine ; she supplemented the memoir with notes that specified in detail a method for calculating Bernoulli numbers with the engine, recognized by most of historians as the world's first published computer program. The first computer codes were specialized for their applications: e. Jacquard Looms and Charles Babbage's Difference Engine both had simple languages for describing the actions that these machines should perform hence they were the creators of the first programming language.

MacLennan Click here if your download doesn"t start automatically. MacLennan Completely revised and updated, the third edition of Principles of Programming Languages: Design, Evaluation, and Implementation teaches key design and implementation skills essential for language designers, compiler writers, and other computer scientists. It also covers descriptive tools and historical precedents so that students can understand design issues in their historical context. Ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in programming languages and comparative languages, this text uses a unique horizontal organization that analyzes individual languages in their entirety, facilitating discussion of the interrelationships between the parts of a language. It teaches design skills by emphasizing basic principles more than details, focuses on methods of implementation over specific techniques, and presents concepts inductively. In-depth case studies of representative languages from five generations of programming language design Fortran, Algol, Pascal, Ada, LISP, Smalltalk, and Prolog are used to illustrate larger themes. This third edition adds discussions of the phenomenology of programming languages, the role of conceptual models in language design, language size and complexity, and system implementation languages with an emphasis on C.

Principles of Programming Languages: Design, Evaluation, and Implementation [​MacLennan, Bruce J.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Principles of programming languages: design, evaluation, and implementation

This course covers a wide range of paradigms and concepts of pragramming languages, in particular those beyond Java. The concepts are presented in the context of their historical background, the design decisions behind them, and implementation issues in various programming languages. The students shall get to know a broader spectrum of programming languages, in order to see how specific languages influence not only programming techniques and style, but also in which way they affect how programmers think.

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