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Collectively, these methods are grouped into two main categories: correlation and splitting and lumping. This paper revisits the most common characterization methods presented in the literature, which have received wide acceptance.

Applications of Equations of State in the Oil and Gas Industry

JEt p[;--' -a. APG-Bulgheroni ; l i:lf! Properties of Oils and Natural Gases 3. Printed in the United States of This book, or parts thereof, may not be 4. Composition and Property Data 69 reproduced in any form without permission of the , publisher. Pedersen, K.

Promoted cobalt metal catalysts suitable for the production of lower olefins from natural gas

Thermodynamics - Kinetics of Dynamic Systems. Reservoir fluids contain a variety of substances of diverse chemical nature that include hydrocarbons and nonhydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons range from methane to substances that may contain carbon atoms. The chemistry of hydrocarbon reservoir fluids is very complex. In spite of the complexity of hydrocarbon fluids found in underground reservoirs, equations of state have shown surprising performance in the phase-behavior calculations of these complex fluids.

A new correlation has been developed where the surface tension of a petroleum mixtures is related to the viscosity. The calculated results compare well with experimental observations atboth atmospheric and higher pressures. Accurate results are also obtained using a modification of the procedure of Lee and Chien. The surface tension is defined as the partial derivative of the surface free energy with respect to the dividing area between the gas and liquid phases. Proper estimation of the surface tension of oil-gas systems is important in a number of reservoir engineering calculations.

Lindeloff, N. The corresponding states viscosity model is widely accepted in the petroleum industry for calculating oil and gas viscosities. In its classical form, the model predicts the viscosities of complex mixtures using methane as a reference compound. As a result of the chosen reference compound, the corresponding states model has good predictive capabilities for gases and light oil systems, whereas the predictive performance deteriorates for heavier oil systems. The present work discusses how far the performance of the corresponding states model can be stretched in its classical form with methane as the reference compound. It further outlines a procedure based on a viscosity correlation for stable oil mixtures that may take over when the methane reference temperature becomes too low to apply methane as reference compound.

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The shear viscosity or viscosity, in short of a fluid is a material property that describes the friction between internal neighboring fluid surfaces or sheets flowing with different fluid velocities. This friction is the effect of linear momentum exchange caused by molecules with sufficient energy to move or "to jump" between these fluid sheets due to fluctuations in their motion. The viscosity is not a material constant, but a material property that depends on temperature, pressure, fluid mixture composition, local velocity variations. This functional relationship is described by a mathematical viscosity model called a constitutive equation which is usually far more complex than the defining equation of shear viscosity. One such complicating feature is the relation between the viscosity model for a pure fluid and the model for a fluid mixture which is called mixing rules.

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Promoted cobalt metal catalysts suitable for the production of lower olefins from natural gas

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