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This is a contentious term, as we will see in this module, but it does give us a way to speak about the growing ethnic and racial diversity of Canada. The census noted that visible minorities made up This was up from

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The modern African state is the product of Europe, not Africa. To attempt at this late date to return to ancestral identities and resources as bases for building the modern African nation would risk the collapse of many countries. At the same time, to disregard ethnic realities would be to build on loose sand, also a high-risk exercise.

Cultural identity

Identity and culture are two of the basic building blocks of ethnicity. Through the construction of identity and culture, individuals and groups attempt to address the problematics of ethnic boundaries and meaning. Ethnicity is best understood as a dynamic, constantly evolving property of both individual identity and group organization. The construction of ethnic identity and culture is the result of both structure and agency—a dialectic played out by ethnic groups and the larger society. Ethnicity is the product of actions undertaken by ethnic groups as they shape and reshape their self-definition and culture; however, ethnicity is also constructed by external social, economic, and political processes and actors as they shape and reshape ethnic categories and definitions. This paper specifies several ways ethnic identity and culture are created and recreated in modern societies.

Cultural identity

Race and ethnicity : culture, identity and representation - 2nd edition. It shows how these concepts came into being during colonial domination and how they became central — and until recently, unquestioned — aspects of social identity and division. This book provides students with a detailed understanding of colonial and post-colonial constructions, changes and challenges to race as a source of social division and inequality. Downloads per month over past year. Dimensions Badge. Altmetric Badge.

Identity politics is a term that describes a political approach wherein people of a particular religion , race , social background , class or other identifying factor develop political agendas and organize based upon the interlocking systems of oppression that affect their lives and come from their various identities. Identity politics centers the lived experiences of those facing various systems of oppression to better understand the ways in which racial, economic, sex-based, gender-based, and other forms of oppression are linked and to ensure that political agendas and political actions arising out of identity politics leave no one behind. The term was coined by the Combahee River Collective in In academic usage, the term identity politics refers to a wide range of political activities and theoretical analyses rooted in experiences of injustice shared by different, often excluded social groups. In this context, identity politics aims to reclaim greater self-determination and political freedom for marginalized peoples through understanding particular paradigms and lifestyle factors, and challenging externally imposed characterizations and limitations, instead of organizing solely around status quo belief systems or traditional party affiliations.

His recent publications include: A Dream Deferred: Ethnic Identity in Guyana 'Australian Aborigines' – typical representations of Aboriginal culture. manual dexterity and almost no sense of humour; a race of tillers of the.

Ethnicity: An African Predicament

What is racism? Understanding others makes possible a better knowledge of oneself: any form of identity is complex, for individuals are defined in relation to other people — both individually and collectively — and the various groups to which they owe allegiance, in a constantly shifting pattern. Understanding and valuing cultural diversity are the keys to countering racism. All individuals must feel free to explore the uniqueness of their culture and identity while developing understandings of the cultural diversity that exists in the world around them.

An ethnic group or ethnicity is a grouping of people who identify with each other on the basis of shared attributes that distinguish them from other groups such as a common set of traditions, ancestry , language , history , society , culture , nation , religion , or social treatment within their residing area. Ethnicity can be an inherited status or based on the society within which one lives. Membership of an ethnic group tends to be defined by a shared cultural heritage , ancestry , origin myth , history , homeland , language or dialect , symbolic systems such as religion , mythology and ritual , cuisine , dressing style , art or physical appearance. Ethnic groups often continue to speak related languages and share a similar gene pool.

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This relationship tended to extend to social, pedagogical, economic, political, and broadly culturally exchanges often with a hierarchical European settler class and local, educated compractor elite class forming layers between the European "mother" nation and the various indigenous peoples who were controlled. Such a system carried within it inherent notions of racial inferiority and exotic otherness. It is concerned with both how European nations conquered and controlled "Third World" cultures and how these groups have since responded to and resisted those encroachments. Post-colonialism, as both a body of theory and a study of political and cultural change, has gone and continues to go through three broad stages: an initial awareness of the social, psychological, and cultural inferiority enforced by being in a colonized state the struggle for ethnic, cultural, and political autonomy a growing awareness of cultural overlap and hybridity ambivalence: the ambiguous way in which colonizer and colonized regard one another. The colonizer often regards the colonized as both inferior yet exotically other, while the colonized regards the colonizer as both enviable yet corrupt.

Seventy-three years after the historic Panglong Agreement brought the new Union into being, Myanmar is a land that is yet to achieve ethnic peace and political inclusion. Kachin women's band in northern Shan State. Nowhere is the force of ethnic nationalism expressed so profoundly in Southeast Asia as in Myanmar Burma. But this figure is disputed and confusing. Among many errors, these classifications include groups that are counted twice or identified under wrong names.

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