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Despite numerous efforts by researchers to examine the importance of design among hospitality and tourism operations, little if any attention has been paid to small operations of these industries, for example, to the level of importance operators place on facility design. Semi-structured face-to-face and phone interviews among 30 businesses located in Western Australia were used in the data collection process. Overall, respondents not only indicated being actively involved in the design of their small businesses, but also emphasised the importance of maintaining a balance between the physical aspect and their operations' natural surroundings.

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Still, one of the most critical aspects of making a restaurant successful is the restaurant design. For this, the Restaurant Design and the Restaurant Interior Design need to be in total sync with each other.

The fundamental component of any restaurant interior is the chair and the table. Depending upon restaurant type, menu, service table setting, and the degree of intimacy required, table size and overall chair space requirements can and should vary considerably.

A restaurant that encourages the rapid turnover of customers will typically provide a smaller tabletop and chair. On the other hand, restaurants that encourage limited turnover and emphasize the wining and dining experience will usually offer larger tabletop sizes and more comfortable chairs.

Apart from the anthropometrical and ergonomic requirements, there are many other design factors that play an influential role in designing an optimum floor plan for a restaurant. These are namely —. You need to hire an architect or an interior designer who would help you with your restaurant design and floor plan. The architect would be able to come up with the spatial configurations and draw up the floor plans to make sure that the restaurant layout is safe with the most pleasant ambiance.

He will be the one dealing with where and how to build a wall, design a staircase, and how to structure and collaborate various elements and principles of design in generating a harmonious and functional floor plan. You would also need a contractor who would be responsible for supervising the construction. The contractor can implement the design and guarantee the on-time completion of the construction work.

Meanwhile, the restaurant owner has to ensure that there is coordination between the architect and the contractor. The space requirements for the restaurant design must always be kept in mind. Below are a few of the essential features that one should keep in mind to make any restaurant design and floor plan efficient.

Human comfort in an indoor space primarily relies on thermal comfort and indoor air quality achieved by temperature, humidity control good and ventilation , lighting, and acoustic comfort. Apart from these, the floor plan must be such that space available for design should be able to provide each customer with comfortable personal space.

There must be enough space in the design to sit, stand, walk-in, and walk out comfortably. The internal heat gains are very high in all restaurants especially in kitchens due to cooking, lighting, electrical equipment, and the number of clients.

HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning forms an important feature and consideration for achieving a functional restaurant design. Lighting Design aims to enable the occupant to work and move around in safety. It provides for our visual needs, and also safety and security.

People intuitively know that light affects their mood. The challenge while designing lighting is to understand under what circumstances certain visual conditions might be better than others and to use that knowledge to create lighting systems that improve overall performance and human comfort. Light in restaurants can be divided into three categories- Ambient, Accent, and Mood Lighting. While Ambient lighting is used for normal functions, accent lighting is focused on a particular area.

Mood lighting is for the aesthetic, and it is the combination of these three that define light in restaurant design. In restaurant interior design psychology, lighting is considered an essential factor, and the restaurant design focuses on the function and psychological impact of various lights. The floor plan must be designed in cahoots with the overall effect and placing of each of these light elements.

Restaurant interior colors also play an essential role in the comfort and perception of the customers. People are talking, background noise or sound, and the architectural design of the restaurant itself affects the overall acoustical quality of space.

The variety of ambient music in a restaurant straightaway regulates the user experience and, ultimately, the feedback. The average noise level of a typical restaurant during a dining rush is 80 dB some reach as much as dB.

Restaurants traditionally have carpeted floors and soft furnishings and upholstered chairs, tablecloths and curtains which provide sound-absorbing qualities. Recent trends lean towards a modern look, which generally includes high ceilings and hard surfaces; though these features are aesthetically pleasing, they are known to produce excessive room echo. As these venues are usually fast-paced and crowded, this makes for an uncomfortably loud environment. A study shows that more booming bars increase the amount and pace of alcohol consumed.

Still, for a restaurant, a balance needs to be created concerning aesthetics and desired acoustical levels for ultimate human comfort. The space design plan should be made in such a way that it allows the servers to move quickly with food and beverages in the restaurant and also allows the guests to move in and out of the restaurant freely. Floor plans should also provide customers with enough elbow room.

Allocating enough space to work comfortably and efficiently in each area is essential. Your restaurant floor layout should focus on the comfort and enjoyment of your customers while maintaining an efficient circulation pattern. Restaurant design standards require that there should be sufficient space between tables. Although specific layouts vary according to the type and size of the restaurant, most floor plans include similar components. The spatial arrangement within the floor plan should be in such a way that there are two primary functional spaces.

The designer needs to find a balance of connectivity and privacy in this area. This is one of the most critical parts of a restaurant design plan. The entrance of your restaurant casts the first impression of your restaurant on the customer.

The entry gives a preview of the type of space a patron is going to enter. The act of entering can be signified in more subtle ways than just puncturing a hole in the wall.

The entry can be an elaborate one that emphasizes the opening or can bring forth the theme of the restaurant. While evaluating your entrance, focus on these components:. The dining area of a restaurant is the soul of the place. While designing the dining room layout, your primary aim should be that your customers be comfortable in the seating area and enjoy their food. Your interiors in the dining area have to be designed depending on the concept and the theme of your restaurant.

This, of course, would also depend on the space available and the theme of the restaurant. Your dining area setting should be in sync with the theme of your restaurant.

The seating area should be designed with at least three sizes of tables with the motive to accommodate small, medium, and large parties accordingly. The window area space can be used for small two-person tables. Similarly, the middle section can be best utilized for accommodating larger parties. Between every dining table, there should be a standard of ft to avoid any chaos and disturbance. There should be ample space that allows for the free and seamless movement of the servers.

The waiting area is often overlooked while creating restaurant designs. Disregarding this area results in diners waiting for the table. There should be enough space for guests where they could wait for dining. The POS system should be positioned at a place that will maximize efficiency.

There should be the minimization of the staff running back and forth between the payment stations. Your restaurant design should be structured to get as many tables as you can into your dining room. The number of tables could greatly affect how many tables turn and checks you have in a shift.

The kitchen is designed primarily by taking into consideration the views of the Head chef, kitchen consultant, architect, and the contracting firm representative. The kitchen consultant is responsible for the design and usually providing the kitchen items like Stainless steel units, suitable chimneys, freezing units, and others.

The electrical and plumbing services are provided by the contracting firm with a consultation of the kitchen consultant and the architect. A well-laid-out kitchen will make your staff happy and more efficient in their work. The kitchen design of the restaurant design and floor plan should ideally have the following aspects:. An efficient Restaurant kitchen floor plan shall include adequate space for receiving and storing goods, inventory, water closet, prep areas, cooking stations, food storage, water closet, dishwashing zone, inventory, equipment.

It is suggested that equipment with similar functions should be stored together, and after their use, they should be kept in their proper place. This is one of the most critical zones of the kitchen area, where the actual food preparation will take place.

All the equipment like burners, oven, grills, tandoor, and other equipment needed for the operations pre-decided will have to be positioned in this area. This is the area where most of your kitchen prep happens. The prep area needs to be well equipped to accommodate all the ingredients required for the preparation of the food.

The storage area should be well equipped to store all the dry goods that are mostly bought in bulk, such as rice, flour, sugar, lentils, oils, whole spices, and spice powders. This space shall be designed and maintained so that it is moisture free and free of pests and rodents. The store area is generally designed adjacent to the kitchen. It serves as a facility storage facility for both the kitchen and dining items of the restaurant.

Another crucial element of the kitchen design is the cold storage area. There is a continuous need for cold rooms, deep freezers, and perishables to stock perishables like meat, seafood, and frozen food.

The facilities that you would need in your cold storage will depend on the quantity the restaurant handles. The maintenance of cold storage also needs to be done. The washing area in the restaurant should be allotted the maximum space for the workflow to be smooth. The washing space should be equipped to accommodate to wash the large cooking vessels, cutlery, crockery, and other utensils.

There should also be a space where the used cutlery, crockery, utensils would be kept for washing. A pantry is a room or a ready to serve the area where beverages, food, and sometimes dishes and others as decided by the head chef. There should be a space for a staff toilet. A small area can also be created for staff where they could change their uniforms and keep their personal belongings or things they would need for their use.

The toilets should ideally be divided into male and female sections. Give special attention to this area as it is usually ignored in the restaurant planning and design stage. Restrooms leave a lasting impression on the mind of the customer. They should have sufficient lighting and easy to clean and maintain.

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Reinforced concrete design 2. Successful Cafe Interior Design is so much broad definition, it includes a lot of things beginning from the choice of furniture and its placement, and finishing by the elements of design and interior, and by many other little details. Aber keine Sorge, wir stehen hinter Ihnen! Get inspired by these amazing cafeteria logos created by professional designers. See more ideas about design, cafeteria design, interior architecture.

Great restaurant menu designs can enhance a dining experience, help customers makes satisfying choices and stimulate appetite. Here, we discuss several visual strategies in menu design that can help increase profit margins for your restaurant clients. Forewarned: you might leave hungry. However, new research suggests that customers tend to read menus like a book, starting in the top left corner. Make it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially and in logical groups, starting with the appetizers. If you do use photos, they must be of extremely high professional quality, which may be costly.

8 essential restaurant menu design tips

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When designed well, your restaurant floor plan can affect your profit margins by increasing efficiency, creating ease of movement, securing the safety of your staff and guests, and ultimately enhancing your customer experience. But in the wake of the COVID pandemic, a well-designed restaurant layout looks a whole lot different than it used to. In order to accommodate physical distancing and limits on venue capacity , virtually every restaurateur is adjusting their floor plan in some way. To help you navigate these changes, this article will cover:. A restaurant floor plan is a blueprint that illustrates the distance and relationships between the rooms and physical structures of your restaurant space.

Still, one of the most critical aspects of making a restaurant successful is the restaurant design. For this, the Restaurant Design and the Restaurant Interior Design need to be in total sync with each other. The fundamental component of any restaurant interior is the chair and the table. Depending upon restaurant type, menu, service table setting, and the degree of intimacy required, table size and overall chair space requirements can and should vary considerably.

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How to Design a Restaurant Floor Plan

Every restaurant should have a functional and practical floor plan. A well-designed restaurant creates a welcoming environment for patrons. It also increases staff productivity and sales. Proper design should take into account all aspects of operations.

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How To Create A Stellar Layout And Design For Your Restaurant

6 Things to Consider When Designing Your Restaurant Floor Plan

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