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The types of activities that are now falling under the government sphere are so complex and voluminous that the Legislature has neither the time nor the capacity to make laws for their regulation.

The Scottish Parliament and law making

The types of activities that are now falling under the government sphere are so complex and voluminous that the Legislature has neither the time nor the capacity to make laws for their regulation. Therefore, it delegates some of its powers to the executive, in order to avoid being bogged down in the burden of details. Statutes create rigidity in administration, but administrative legislation is more adaptable to changing circumstances.

It is specially useful in those branches of administration which are liable to occasional changes and where repid technical developments are taking place almost daily. It is better to clothe the administrative agencies with the necessary discretion to deal with the possible contingencies which may arise in the application of law since the legislature is unable to foresee and provide for all them. Delegated Legislation can be easily done in Consultation with the Interests Affected:.

Prior consultation with the interests likely to be affected is necessary to make legislation affective. The drafting of the rules may and often does permit conference between the government and the vested interests affected and consequently results in a broad agreement which tends towards voluntary compliance. An average legislator is a layman. He is not acquainted with the complexities of modern legislation.

Hence he passes the bills in skeleton form and leaves the details to be filled up by the executive. Due to impact of science and technology the functions of the modem state have got multiplied.

Thus the powers of the legislature have also considerably enhanced. It can hardly cope with powers which are even on the increase. Hence it has delegated power of law making to the executive. Growth of delegated legislation can also be attributed to the need of setting up of new standards in the social interest.

To ensure national minimum of health education, housing and sanitation to everybody, the expert knowledge is required. The rules are drafted by experts in the appropriate departments who are familiar with the actual conditions.

The details can be much better worked by them than by the lay members of the legislature. Delegated Legislation. You must be logged in to post a comment. The Elasticity of Demand Economics.

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14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Delegated Legislation

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Find Flashcards. Brainscape's Knowledge Genome TM. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. Loading flashcards What are the 4 main advantages of delegated legislation? Why do Parliament not have time to consider and debate all regulations? What is it impossible to expect from MP's?

Delegated legislation allows parliament to save time. Time, thus saved, can be more fruitful used by the legislature on important policy issues. The laws passed by the legislature are relatively rigid. The administrative rule, on the other hand, is easily modifiable in response to rapidly changing needs, without a formal amendment of the Law. Delegated legislation makes possible prior consultation with the affected interests.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Delegated Legislation

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There are three types of delegated legislation, which are byelaws, statutory instruments and, It also allows law related to technical matters to be created by those with the required knowledge of these matters. There is total lack of or insufficient consultation: 8. Another disadvantage of delegated legislation is that there is a risk of sub-delegation. Control of delegated legislation is inadequate: 6.

The term delegated legislation is referred to the legislation created by the government agencies including the Governor-General with authority from the Acts of Parliaments. This will delegate the power to the agencies for practical reasons.

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