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Integrating brain, behavior, and phylogeny to understand the evolution of sensory systems in birds

Edited by Hans-Joachim Bischof and H. Philip Zeigler. A Bradford Book. This book provides the first comprehensive and current review of considerable progress made over the past decade in analyzing neural and behavioral mechanisms mediating visually guided behavior in birds. The visual capacities of birds rival even those of primates, and their visual system probably reflects the operation of a ground plan common to all vertebrates. The book's five major sections deal with the visual world of birds, the organization of avian visual systems, the development and plasticity of visual structure and function, visuomotor control mechanisms, and cognitive processes. The introduction to each section discusses the nature and significance of the problem areas, providing a context for the chapters to follow, which review the current status of research on a specific problem.

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This book provides the first comprehensive and current review of considerable progress made over the past decade in analyzing neural and behavioral.

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Out of all its senses, birds rely tremendously on their vision. Since their reliance on vision is so significant, birds have developed unique characteristics in processing these types of information over million years of natural selection. Avian eyes occupy a much larger volume of their head than do the eyes of other mammals. Large eyes are necessary in order for them to find food, identify potential mates, escape from predators, and aid in general orientation. Their remarkable color perception, spatial and temporal resolution, visual learning and memory capabilities have been diligently studied over the past 40 years.

Animal Behavior Lab Pdf. The animals are. Paul Andersen introduces the concept of ethology and contrasts kinesis and taxis.

Vision, Brain, and Behavior in Birds

Animal Behavior Lab Pdf

Vision is the most important sense for birds , since good eyesight is essential for safe flight. Birds have a number of adaptations which give visual acuity superior to that of other vertebrate groups; a pigeon has been described as "two eyes with wings". Birds have the largest eyes relative to their size in the animal kingdom, and movement is consequently limited within the eye's bony socket.

Graham R. Martin; What is binocular vision for? A birds' eye view.

The comparative anatomy of sensory systems has played a major role in developing theories and principles central to evolutionary neuroscience. This includes the central tenet of many comparative studies, the principle of proper mass, which states that the size of a neural structure reflects its processing capacity. The size of structures within the sensory system is not, however, the only salient variable in sensory evolution. Further, the evolution of the brain and behavior are intimately tied to phylogenetic history, requiring studies to integrate neuroanatomy with behavior and phylogeny to gain a more holistic view of brain evolution. Birds have proven to be a useful group for these studies because of widespread interest in their phylogenetic relationships and a wealth of information on the functional organization of most of their sensory pathways. In this review, we examine the principle of proper mass in relation differences in the sensory capabilities among birds. We discuss how neuroanatomy, behavior, and phylogeny can be integrated to understand the evolution of sensory systems in birds providing evidence from visual, auditory, and somatosensory systems.

PDF | Birds have excellent visual abilities that are comparable or superior to those of primates, but how the bird brain solves complex visual.

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Parrot Stroke Symptoms

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