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Conferences and Conventions: A Global Industry

The meetings-and-events industry includes not only conferences, congresses, conventions, trade shows, and exhibitions, but also corporate, business meetings and incentives. These are gatherings of business people, scientists, and politicians in a given location, outside their normal environment, for economic, strategic, or research purposes. Their importance is growing in the contemporary world as these events offer a means for coping with an unprecedented explosion of knowledge, and they satisfy the need for interpersonal relationships among members of our atomized societies Zelinsky, , p. Meetings and events are by their nature temporary, as they include same-day travel and overnight stays, usually not exceeding 3—4 days. They are also unique Getz, At the same time, their organization requires material, technological, and human resources. This industry plays a key role in contemporary economies.

Convention and Visitors Bureau: A Key Intermediary in the Events Industry

PCMA is committed to recovery for our industry and the global economy. We know that the business events industry will lead the way towards global economic recovery. We have taken swift and immediate steps to usher in recovery, such as partnering with various agencies in Washington for financial recovery assistance. Our recovery efforts will continue and we look forward to being able to come together again as one industry. At PCMA we advocate safety for your staff, event workers and attendees first and foremost.

Exhibition, Convention & Meeting Industry in the U.S. - statistics & facts

Tony Rogers is the Executive Director of two British conference industry associations: the British Association of Conference Destinations a post he has held since , and the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers since He chairs the Research Working Group of the UK Business Tourism Partnership, and regularly writes articles on the conference industry for a range of industry publications. Conferences and Conventions : A Global Industry.

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