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G. H. von Wright on Agent Self-understanding and Action Explanation

Access options available:. While my conviction of the essential validity of my basic idea has been confirmed by the turn of events during the past generation, I have felt increasingly bound to reexamine in greater detail the evidence on which my interpretation was intended to rest. And while thus undertaking this inquiry for my own enlightenment I have come to believe that it is timely and likely to be of interest to others who are also seeking their way through the troubled paths of contemporary reflection. The tragedy of our time is that in its political and economic development modern life has become increasingly global, but we have not attained a global outlook on life and on international morality. Perhaps there is still hope for a moral science of progress. By George Henrik von Wright. It is not as clear that he has offered anything new to that debate.

Georg Henrik von Wright

Carnap, Rudolf, Donagan, Alan, Haaparanta, Leila and Ilkka Niiniluoto, eds. Analytic Philosophy in Finland. New York: Rodopi. Hyve: Philosophical Studies from the University of Helsinki Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto.

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On the retirement of Ludwig Wittgenstein as professor at the University of Cambridge in , von Wright was elected to his chair at the age of Von Wright was of both Finnish and 17th-century Scottish ancestry. Von Wright's writings come under two broad categories. The first is analytic philosophy and philosophical logic in the Anglo-American vein. His books, An Essay in Modal Logic and Deontic Logic , were landmarks in the postwar rise of formal modal logic and its deontic version.

Explanation and Understanding in History

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Ludwig Wittgenstein — philosopher. Charlie Dunbar Broad — philosopher. Finnish philosopher and successor of Wittgenstein in his chair in Cambridge. Von Wright was born in Helsinki, and attended the university there. Attracted to logical positivism, he visited Vienna, but because of the Anschluss settled in Cambridge, studying with both Broad and Wittgenstein.

March 31, Journal article Open Access. In both cases it was intended to solve the crisis of foundation generated by the initial positivist—logical proposals. Both Russell and the first Wittgenstein would have initially proposed some constitutive presuppositions of a dogmatic nature, which they would borrow from the Monadology of of the last Leibniz.


Healing the Rift

With this expression, I intend to refer to that field of research crossing the whole Twentieth Century which aims at answering to contemporary challenges through the redefinition of the place of the modern man and of his relationships to the social and natural world. Georg Henrik von Wright is one of the thinkers that have pursued with the greatest strength the task of joining together western philosophy and science in order to think anew the role and identity of the contemporary man. This could, in fact, be the same ground that lies at the basis of his conception of natural determinism and human acting, which had, even earlier, informed his attempts to identify the connections and differences between acting and causation, between time and truth. In the Sixties his writings with a specific analytical commitment intersect with essays on humanistic problems. Von Wright establishes a link, which had not been made explicitly in his previous writings, between his theses about free action and the problems of humanism.

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PDF | On Feb 18, , Jonas Ahlskog published G. H. von Wright on Agent Self-​understanding and Action Explanation | Find, read and cite all.

An Early Version of an Agency Theory

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