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School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention: Promising and Successful Programs

Crime prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime and criminals. It is applied specifically to efforts made by governments to reduce crime, enforce the law, and maintain criminal justice. Criminologists , commissions, and research bodies such as the World Health Organization , United Nations , the United States National Research Council , the UK Audit Commission have analyzed their and others' research on what lowers rates of interpersonal crime. They agree that governments must go beyond law enforcement and criminal justice to tackle the risk factors that cause crime because it is more cost effective and leads to greater social benefits than the standard ways of responding to crime. Multiple opinion polls also confirm public support for investment in prevention.

Housing is considered essential human need as it is ranked next to food for obvious reasons like provision of living accommodation, investment opportunities, social and recreation services among others. However, its relevance to humanity is gradually being eroded as a result of the threat from residential neighbourhood crime in the form of burglary and theft, vandalism, incivilities and street crime, robbery and even violent crime. In Nigeria, it was found that the use of penal system use of police, prison and courts for crime control is prevalent which researchers have described to be grossly inadequate. Hence, the intention of this research is to empirically analyse the desirability of the proposed socio-environmental design factors SEDeF model as a more effective technique to curb residential neighbourhood crime in Nigeria. Purposive and systematic sampling techniques were adopted while logistic regression was used to determine the impact of the various components of each factor. The results showed a significant probability of 0. The policy implication of this result is that if government can intensify effort in the use of social development factors SDF and environmental design factors EDF , the soaring trend of residential neighbourhood crime would be curtailed.

Assessing the Spatial Concentration of Urban Crime: An Insight from Nigeria

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Juvenile crime is one of the nation's serious problems. Concern about it is widely shared by federal, state, and local government officials and by the public. In recent years, this concern has grown with the dramatic rise in juvenile violence that began in the mids and peaked in the early s.

PDF | This work was set to examine mainly crime prevention Data obtained from the research questions were analyzed using descriptive statistics. To investigate the crime prevention strategies adopted by the Nigeria.

Crime prevention

Department of State. This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the U. Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria. The current U.

Prevention programs often are designed to enhance "protective factors" and to reduce "risk factors. Risk factors are those that make drug use more likely. Research asserts that for individuals who begin using illicit substances at an early age, several risk factors may increase the likelihood of continued and problematic use in later ages, when substance-related crime becomes much more likely. Research has also demonstrated that many of the same risk and protective factors apply to other behaviors such as youth violence, delinquency, school dropout, risky sexual behaviors, and teen pregnancy. Responding to these risky behaviors before they become problematic can be difficult.

Nigeria 2019 Crime & Safety Report: Lagos


Anthony Kayode Oroleye Ph. This study employed both primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained through the administration of questionnaire on inmates to elicit information on their well-being. The secondary sources of information that were employed included relevant official publications and records from Nigerian Prisons Service, journal articles, periodicals and internet sources. Data collected were tabulated and analyzed using percentage and frequency as descriptive; and Chi-square as inferential statistics. The study finds that administration of rehabilitation programme of Nigerian Prisons Service was not effectively implemented.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Ojo , Adegbola, Ojewale , Oluwole. This book uses crime-science and traditional criminological approaches to explore urban crime in the rapidly urbanising country Nigeria, as a case study for urban crime in developing nations.

Approximately 40 million people worldwide, including many in the United States, are estimated to be victims of human trafficking — a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control both adults and children. Awareness about human trafficking and the factors that make individuals and communities vulnerable has increased, but prevention efforts designed to proactively address known risk factors are lacking. Instead, efforts typically address exploitation after harm occurs.

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