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Science, Technology and Society: Needs, Challenges and Limitations focuses on the role of science and technology in promoting development as well as its limitation in shaping the society. The text outlines the contributions that this field has provided in health, industries, agriculture, transportation, and communication. The book puts emphasis on the role of technologists and scientists in promoting development, such as in the fields of biology and medicine.

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Science, Technology and Society

Science and technology studies or science, technology and society studies both abbreviated STS are the study of how society, politics, and culture affect scientific research and technological innovation , and how these, in turn, affect society , politics and culture. Like most interdisciplinary fields of study, STS emerged from the confluence of a variety of disciplines and disciplinary subfields, all of which had developed an interest—typically, during the s or s—in viewing science and technology as socially embedded enterprises. In the s Elting E. By , STS research centres and academic programs were counted worldwide. During the s and s, leading universities in the US, UK, and Europe began drawing these various components together in new, interdisciplinary programs.

Its roots lie in the interwar period and continue into the start of the Cold War, when historians and sociologists of science, and scientists themselves, became interested in the relationship between scientific knowledge, technological systems, and society. STS, as practiced in academia today, merges two broad streams of scholarship. This line of work addresses questions like the following: is there a scientific method; what makes scientific facts credible; how do new disciplines emerge; and how does science relate to religion? Driving this body of research are questions like the following: how should states set priorities for research funding; who should participate, and how, in technological decisionmaking; should life forms be patented; how should societies measure risks and set safety standards; and how should experts communicate the reasons for their judgments to the public? Increasingly, the dilemmas that confront people, whether in government, industry, politics or daily life, cut across the conventional lines of academic training and thought. STS seeks to overcome the divisions, particularly between the two cultures of humanities interpretive inquiry and natural sciences rational analysis.

STS 1 (Science, Technology, and Society) Course Syllabus Second Semester 2017-2018

The Program in Science, Technology, and Society STS aims to provide students with an interdisciplinary framework through which to understand the complex interactions of science, technology and the social world. To major in STS, students work through a common core of courses drawn from the social sciences, the humanities, the natural and physical sciences and engineering. Students pursue coursework in one of seven specialized areas:. Students may also undertake research in affiliated laboratories and through the honors program for course units. All students complete a capstone project, either by taking one of the senior capstone courses STS or by applying for and completing an STS honors thesis.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND SOCIETY. STS Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks: A History of Science. Prereq: None. Acad Year Not o ered.

Science, Technology, and Society (S/T/S)

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What is STS?

The Language of Science Education pp Cite as. During the late s, educators suggested that one purpose of science teaching is for students to understand the societal impact of science on society and, to a lesser extent, the impact of society on science. Skip to main content.

Odd activities for a science class? Not exactly. In fact, a growing number of science teachers are designing lessons similar to the following:. These and other activities similar to them enable secondary students to explore real issues in the classroom. The activities give a context for science learning: the local community, the school grounds, the water system in a school, an automobile, a local pond or lake, the local atmosphere. Although not limited to local environments, acting locally on problems that have relevance to students increases the chance for participation and action taking. This chapter will be devoted to exploring STS not only from the theoretical point of view but, more important, from the practical aspect of implementing STS in the classroom.

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Science, Technology, and Society


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Science and technology studies

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