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Answer : We should not trust the future even tough it may seem pleasant because future is never fixed. We never know what we might face in our future. Answer : We should bury our past completely, like we bury dead people who cannot return to our present and future. This is necessary because if we bear our past along with us, we will never be able to progress in the present and future. The past is dead and useless.

A Psalm of Life Quiz 1

Think it out… 1. Does the title.. Yes, he name encapsulates the essence of this poem. What does the poet say …The poet states that life holds unlimited possibilities, only if we strive to explore them. Life is never barren, dull, or dark.

First published in in the New York literary magazine The Knickerbocker , the poem was inspired by a conversation between Longfellow and a fellow professor. As such, the poem is framed as a dramatic monologue spoken by the "Heart of a Young Man" to a "Psalmist. In doing so, the poem captures the spirit of carpe diem , or "seize the day. Life is real! Life is earnest! Be a hero in the strife!

Odisha Board Literature – The Psalm of Life — Q &A

Longfellow explains how we need to live everyday like there is no tomorrow. We can all apply these lessons from this poem in different aspects of our daily lives, in everything we do. He also teaches us not to be sad for those who have passed away, because they are living life to the fullest in the afterlife. Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem.

A Psalm of Life: ICSE Class 10 Questions and Answers · Question 1: Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. · i) Why should be not trust.

A Psalm of Life – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Quotes with figurative language, syntax, and organization? What is the theme? Important themes in A Pslam of Life include youth, action, and religion.

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a psalm of life pdf

That would inspire later generations to follow our way. In the final four lines of A Psalm of Life, the poet Longfellow asks us to be up at once and start working. Comment goes here. And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. We must carry on, reaching great heights, still not leaving. Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. Struggling with distance learning?

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How do the lives of great men affect those around them? What does the poet tell us about life in the first stanza of the poem? What should our attitude be to the past and future? Why is life compared to the bivouac in A Psalm of Life?

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