Modular Arithmetic Problems And Solutions Pdf

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High School Mathematics Extensions/Primes/Modular Arithmetic

Exercise 2. What is the time hours after 7 a. What is the time 15 hours before 11 p. Today is Tuesday. My uncle will come after 45 days. In which day my uncle will be coming?

Modular Arithmetic Problems And Solutions Pdf

Com-puting and working with remainders is called modular arithmetic. On primality testing. The biggest requirement is mathematical curiosity and the willingness to think hard about problems that are not necessarily straightforward. Where will the hour hand be in 7 hours? Regular participation is required. Before going into the general de nitions, we introduce a very important example called modular arithmetic, which is one of the most intuitive examples of algebraic structures. Solving equations modulo composite numbers is an important goal; the use of charts to organize the numbers modulo n and look for solutions modulo.

Modular arithmetic is a system in which all numbers up to some positive integer, n say, are used. So if you were to start counting you would go 0, 1, 2, 3, Once 2 n has been reached the number is reset to 0 again, and so on. Modular arithmetic is also called clock-arithmetic because we only use 12 numbers to tell standard time. On clocks we start at 1 instead of 0, continue to 12, and then start at 1 again. Hence the name clock-arithmetic. The sequence also continues into what would be the negative numbers.

Problem 1: just an example of previous identity. Find the remainder of 46 × 23 (​a.k.a. 23) on division by 7. Solution. 46 ≡ 4 (mod 7).

Modular Arithmetic

Modular arithmetic has been a major concern of mathematicians for at least years, and is still a very active topic of current research. In this article, I will explain what modular arithmetic is, illustrate why it is of importance for mathematicians, and discuss some recent breakthroughs. For almost all its history, the study of modular arithmetic has been driven purely by its inherent beauty and by human curiosity. Moreover, the cryptographic codes which keep, for example, our banking transactions secure are also closely connected with the theory of modular arithmetic.

Since N - 1 is always a coprime with N, then according to Problem 5, the last row must be a permutation of the first one. It's a very specific permutation. Let m be coprime to N.

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High School Mathematics Extensions/Primes/Modular Arithmetic

Modular Arithmetic

Residue arithmetic. Modular arithmetic is almost the same as the usual arithmetic of whole numbers. The main difference is that operations involve remainders after division by a specified number the modulus rather than the integers themselves. Modular arithmetic is a key ingredient of many public key cryptosystems.

Many complex cryptographic algorithms are actually based on fairly simple modular arithmetic. In modular arithmetic, the numbers we are dealing with are just integers and the operations used are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The only difference between modular arithmetic and the arithmetic you learned in your primary school is that in modular arithmetic all operations are performed regarding a positive integer, i. Before going into modular arithmetic, let's review some basic concepts. This establishes a natural congruence relation on the integers. For example:. The remainders 3 and 2 are not the same.

This set is called the standard residue system mod m, and answers to modular arithmetic problems will usually be simplified to a number in this range. Example.

Modular Arithmetic Problems And Solutions Pdf

Emphasis on problem solving, reasoning, and proving. The following theorem says that two numbers being congruent modulo m. Putnam Exam Problems and Related Topics.

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Modular Arithmetic (May 2012)

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