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Determining the pharmacognostic specifications of medicinal plants used in several drugs is very necessary and actually crucial. Ethnobotany has significant role in understanding the active relations between the biological diversity and cultural systems. The theme of this chapter is to present information about wild medicinal plants in different areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The Himalaya, a global biodiversity hotspot, sustains about one-fifth of the humankind. The wide expanse of State, spread across the subtropical Jammu, through the temperate Kashmir valley, to the cold arid Ladakh, is typical representative of the extensive elevational and topographical diversity encountered in the entire Himalaya. The precious baseline data contained in the book would form the foundation for assessing current status of knowledge about the bioresources, identify the knowledge gaps, and help prioritization of conservation strategies to steer the sustainable use of biodiversity in this Himalayan region.

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Historical Evidence and Documentation of Remedial Flora of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)

User Panel. Customer Services. Post Article. My Cart. Contact Us. Phyton-T, An extract of seaweed Sargassum wightii induces defense enzymes against late blight and enhances quality of potato Vinay B. Effect of soil and manure ratio of casing soil on crop duration and yield of milky mushroom Calocybe indica Shukla PK.

Mechanisms of action exerted by biocontrol agents against Alternaria alternata that causes leaf blight of watermelon Umamaheswari C, Sankaralingam A and Nallathambi P. Detection of seed borne inoculum of Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris, the black rot pathogen of cabbage and estimation of genetic diversity Siraree A, Negi KY and Kumar J. Bioformulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in organic substrates and its role in management of bacterial wilt of chilli Capsicum annum Bora LC and Deka SN.

Population dynamics of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. The first report of powdery mildew of Petunia caused by Acrosporium spp. A new strain of Penicillium herquei Bain. Sporulation of Alternaria spp. Dissemination and distribution of uredospores of Puccinia arachidis over crop canopy Das S and Chakraborty A.

Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth of Artocarpus heterophyllus and Syzygium cumini seedlings in iron ore mine rejects Bukhari MJ and Rodrigues BF. Morphological, cultural and physiological diversity in isolates of Alternaria spp.

Changes in enzymes and proline levels in leaves of downy mildew resistant and susceptible pearl millet genotypes Mahatma MK, Bhatnagar R and Rawal P.

Incidence of leaf spot of som Persea bombycina in relation to weather and chemical management Ranjana Das and Das K. Evaluation of sugarcane Saccharum officinarum genotypes for resistance to red rot disease Kumar B. Evaluation of germplasm accessions for resistance to two pathotypes of sorghum leaf blight pathogen Exserohilum turcicum Bunker RN and Mathur K. Termitomyces eurhizus completes entire life cycle on specific media under defined conditions Kabitarani A and Bhagirath Th. Performance of maize Zea mays genotypes against southern leaf blight disease caused by Drechslera maydis Kumar P and Saxena P.

Effect of combined bio-fertilizers on nodulation and grain yield in chickpea Majumdar VL and Sharma K. Screening of sugarcane varieties against red rot caused by Colletotrichum falcatum by different inoculation methods Mishra MK. Effect of antagonistic yeast Candida sp. Aecidium gardeniae sp. Pathological, physiological and biochemical characterization of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.

Phosphate solubilizing fungi associated with Casuarina equisetifolia. Occurrence of Pseudocercospora centelli sp. Fusarium moniliforme var. Management of white rust of Indian mustard Brassica juncea in mid hills of north-western Himalayas Kumar Ashok. Molecular characterization of Trichoderma spp. Pandey AK. Mycoparasitism and fungicide compatibility and management of wilt Fusarium oxysporium f.

Tripospermum buteae sp. Cultural, morphological and pathogenic variability in isolates of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Lib. Assessing impact of isolates of Bacillus spp. Occurrences of toxigenic moulds and mycotoxins in ayurvedic medicine trifla churn Gautam AK and Bhadauria R. Effect of yeast Candida sp.

Effect of dates of sowing on powdery mildew and white rust of mustard in arid region of Bikaner Khatri NK and Gangopadhyay S. Management of fruit rot Phytophthora nicotianae var. Molecular characterization of Phomopsis vexans inciting Phomopsis blight and fruit-rot of eggplant Akhtar J. Mode of perpetuation and effect of environmental factors on target spot of soybean caused by Corynespora cassiicola Sharma A and Kaushal RP.

Cultural and morphological variability in Rhizoctonia solani isolates causing sheath blight of rice Lal M and Kandhari J. Effect of nutritional sources on mycelial growth of caterpillar mushroom Cordyceps sinensis Berk Sacc. Effect of interactions of water activity, temperature and incubation period on ochratoxin A production by Aspergillus niger Gopinandhan TN and Kannan GS. A new fruit rot of aonla incited by Fusarium solani Mart. A new blotch disease Curvularia pallescens Boedijn of Gloriosa superba Linn.

A new report on parasitism of entomopathogenic fungus, Metarhizium anasopliae Metch. Three newly recorded natural hosts of Aeginetia pedunculata Roxb. Evaluation of organic amendments on tuber rot of tuberose caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. Management of root rot disease Macrophomina phaseolina of castor Ricinus communis with soil amendments and biocontrol agents Rajani VV and Parakhia AM.

A new report on collar and root rot disease of Aloe vera caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Dubey R. Effect of weather parameters on management of Colletotrichum leaf spot of turmeric with fungicides and varietal resistance Singh AK.

First record of banded sheath blight disease of barnyard millet caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kumar B and Dinesh P. Estimation of phenols and phenol oxidizing enzymes in potato cultivars varying in resistance to Phytophthora infestans Maiti MK and Basu A. Effect of insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, micronutrient and growth regulator on mango malformation Kumar M and Chakrabarti DK. Occurrence of Alternaria blight on phyllody of Parthenium hysterophorus Kore B. Effect of potato-based mixed cropping systems on survival and perpetuation of bacterial wilt pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum Venkatesh, Ramesh S, Siddagangaiah and Kavitha TR.

Influence of photoperiod on growth and mycoherbicidal potential of Alternaria alternata, a biocontrol agent of waterhyacinth Ray P, Sushilkumar and Pandey AK. Effect of different casings on yield of Agaricus bisporous and A. Assessment of diversity in isolates of Trichoderma spp.

Profiling of Phytophthora infestans populations for metalaxyl resistance and its management with novel action fungicides Kaur R, Thind TS and Goswami S. AM Fungi associated with monotypic genus of Amaranthaceae Allmania nodiflora. Taxonomic studies on the genus Russula Pers. Occurrence, virulence and pathogenicity of species of Pythium inciting damping-off disease in chilli Muthukumar A, Eswaran A and Sangeetha G.

Cell wall degrading enzymes of Fusarium moniliforme var. Influence of rust fungus Uromyces vignae on callose formation in cowpea cultivars Vijayalakshmi R. Rice straw as a substrate for lignocellulolytic enzymes production from Phanerochaete chrysosporium and cellulolytic bacteria Mishra BK and Nain L.

Integrated management of stem gall Protomyces macrosporous of coriander Singh AK. Efficacy of biocontrol agents singly and in combinations against dry root rot Macrophomina phaseolina of mungbean Choudhary S, Pareek S and Saxena J. Kaur and K.

Studies on pathogenic behaviour and carpogenic germination of sclerotia of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum causing stem rot of chickpea Pandey P, Kumar R and Mishra P. Antimycotic, antibiodeteriorative and antiaflatoxigenic potency of 2-hydroxymethoxybenzaldehyde isolated from Decalepis hamiltonii on fungi causing biodeterioration of maize and sorghum grains Mohana DC and Raveesha KA.

Biochemical alterations in cinnamic acid 4-hydxylase and phenyl alanine ammonia lyase in chickpea infected with Fusarium oxysporum f. Efficacy of fungicides and plant extract against Alternaria blight of clusterbean Meena A. K, Godara S. L and Gangopadhyay S. Compatibility of bioagents with fungicides against the anthracnose of chilli Singh K and Vishunavat K.

A new record on banded sheath blight disease of proso millet from mid hills of Uttarakhand, India Kumar B and Prasad D. A new record on foot rot or wilt disease of finger millet Eleusine coracana caused by Sclerotium rolfsii from mid hills of Uttarakhand Kumar B and Prasad D. Occurrence of wilt of banana and variability in pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f.

Activation of defense response of mandarin plants against Fusarium root rot disease using Glomus mosseae and Trichoderma hamatum Allay S and Chakraborty BN. Relative abundance of microconidia in honeydew and sclerotia of Claviceps sorghi and their germination under invitro conditions Rajasab AH, Shreekant K and Nicky J. Protection of tea plants against pest and pathogen through combined application of pesticide and plant growth promoting rhizobacterium Chakraborty AP, Chakraborty BN and Chakraborty U.

Custingophora lignicola sp. Histopathology of Pseudomonas syringae pv. A new record of stem rot disease in hybrids of emblica officinalis caused by Acremonium alternatum in India Dubey R. Survival of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Variability in growth and biochemical components of Sclerotium oryzae populations of rice and its relevance to virulence Kumar A, Singh R and Jalali BL.

Reaction of Plantago ovata accessions and other Plantago spp. Selection for mating competence in monokaryotic isolates derived from different species of oyster mushroom Pleurotus sp. A new synnematous hyphomycetous fungus - Bhadradriella gen. Population dynamics and characterization of arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi associated with apple plantations Mehta P and Bharat NK.

Mycoflora associated with seeds of Beta vulgaris var. Comparison of six arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for root colonization, spore population and plant growth responses in tobacco Subhashini DV and Padmaja K. Variation in morphological, cultural, pathological and molecular features of Fusarium oxysporum f. Biological control strategies for management of web blight disease of urdbean Vigna mungo Kumar sand Tripathi HS.

Chemical, Bioactive, and Antioxidant Potential of Twenty Wild Culinary Mushroom Species

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PDF | A species of the section Amidella of the genus Amanita, namely Amanita avellaneosquamosa, is thought to be reported and illustrated for the first | Find.

Biodiversity of the Himalaya: Jammu and Kashmir State

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The chemical, bioactive, and antioxidant potential of twenty wild culinary mushroom species being consumed by the people of northern Himalayan regions has been evaluated for the first time in the present study. Nutrients analyzed include protein, crude fat, fibres, carbohydrates, and monosaccharides. Besides, preliminary study on the detection of toxic compounds was done on these species. Fruitbodies extract of all the species was tested for different types of antioxidant assays. Although differences were observed in the net values of individual species all the species were found to be rich in protein, and carbohydrates and low in fat.

An updated taxonomic inventory of flora of Srinagar city Kashmir Himalaya India, using herbarium reconstruction approach. Mehraj, G. Assad, R.

Ectomycorrhizal fungi of Kashmir forests. All the macromycetes recorded in Kashmir and suspected to be mycorrhizal 77 taxa are discussed in the context of the vegetational communities of Kas Download PDF. Recommend Documents.

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