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What is the purpose of having AD? Answer: Active directory is a directory service that identifies all resources on a network and makes that information available to users and services. The Main purpose of AD is to control and authenticate network resources. Explain about sysvol folder? Answer: The sysvol folder stores the server's copy of the domain's public files.

45+ Top EMC Interview Questions & Answer [ FREQUENTLY ASK ]

Fibre Channel SANs are the de facto standard for storage networking in the corporate data center because they provide exceptional reliability, scalability, consolidation, and performance. Fibre Channel SANs provide significant advantages over direct-attached storage through improved storage utilization, higher data availability, reduced management costs, and highly scalable capacity and performance. Typically, Fibre Channel SANs are most suitable for large data centers running business-critical data, as well as applications that require high-bandwidth performance such as medical imaging, streaming media, and large databases. Fibre Channel SAN solutions can easily scale to meet the most demanding performance and availability requirements. The increased performance of Fibre Channel enables a highly effective backup and recovery approach, including LAN-free and server-free backup models.

What Is Lun Masking? Some storage controllers also support LUN Masking. Logical Unit Number or LUN is a logical reference to entire physical disk, or a subset of a larger physical disk or disk volume or portion of a storage subsystem. What Is Wwn Zoning? A major advantage of WWN zoning is the ability to recable the fabric without having to redo the zone information.

EMC Interview Questions & Answers

Imagine this — behind every successful business is data, lots of data. SAN Engineer! Now, let me share some insanely practical storage engineer interview questions that managers can use during your next interview screening , or interviewees can use to prepare for your next storage job interview. The SAN Engineer Interview questions listed above are taken from my years of related real-life examples working as and with storage engineers. First off, let me give KUDOS to all the hard-working storage engineers across the world because there are a lot of jobs they handle daily that nobody else can do. And without someone with the right skills managing the hardware and software properly, you can bet there are painful problems with poor performance, data loss, and constant crashes…. Because storage engineers with the right skill are in urgent demand because Big Data is always growing.

EMC Interview Questions

Post a Comment. About Me Unknown View my complete profile. Wednesday, April 3, The same connectivity port on the Disk array cannot be shared between multiple servers. With the.

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Explain about day to day activities in your current profile. What is the first thing you will do at office? We are using symcli for storage operation for DMX Arrays and Navisphere Manager for Clariion Arrays, Connectrix Manager for switch directors management, cli for individual brocade switches, for monitoring storage environment, Storage Scope reporting, performance monitoring. Explain ticketing tools using in your organization. Example: Getting tickets through telephone Getting tickets through emails Getting tickets in ticketing tool Self logged tickets if we found any critical alerts on management tool, we create tickets our self , etc.

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    EMC Interview Questions And Answers · Q. As a SAN administrator how will you tell your boss how many drives are required for a requirement? · Q. How to.

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