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Simple and Compound Interest PDF

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Mehra is planning for higher education expenses of his two sons aged 15 and He plans to divide Rs 15 lakhs in two equal parts and invest in two different plans such that his sons may have access to Rs 21 lakhs each when they reach the age of He is looking for plans that will give him a simple interest per annum. The rates of interest of the plans for his younger son and his elder son should be. Bimal invests his money at 7. If Amal and Bimal get the same amount of interest, then the amount, in Rupees, invested by Bimal is. Debjani after her MBA graduation wants to have start-up of her own.

Ajay invested half of his savings in a mutual fund that paid simple interest for 2 years and received Rs. OR, The interest is calculated on the amount of the previous year is known as compound interest or interest compound. The following examples of compound interest formula provide an understanding of the various types of situations where the compound interest formula can be used. Exercise questions 1. A father left a will of Rs. Compound Interest is a method of calculating interest whereby interest earned overtime is added to the principal. Calculators may be used.


The process is repeated until the amount for the last period has been found. Hence, When the interest charged after a certain specified time period is added to form new principal for the next time period, the interest is said to be compounded and the total interest accurse is compounded and the total interest accrued is compound interest. Since 1 year has 4 quarters, therefore rate of interest will become th of the rate of interest per annum, and the time period will be 4 times the time given in years. Hence, for quarterly interest,. To avoid confusion between stated rates and effective rates, we shall continue to use r for the stated rate and we will use r e for the effective rate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Download RRB JE Study Material. Simple interest = (Principal×Time×Rate)/ i.e. S.I. = (P×R×T)/ Amount = Principal + Interest. i.e. A=P+I=P+PRT/ = P[1+RT/] Principal(P) = (×S.I.)/(R×T) Rate(R) =(×S.I.)/(T×P) Time(T)=(×S.I.)/(P×R).

Practice Simple Interest : 100 Questions PDF which makes you “Master of the Topic”

Note: Due to some limitations in web options, Math symbols, notations were unable to view properly. In our eBook all Math symbols, notations will be in order. I for 3 — years C.

Simple interest and Compound interest problems and solutions pdf. Problems in this topic needs more focus on Percentage. You have learned Simple Interest and Compound in your high schools.


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