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Placebo and Pain, 1st Edition

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Placebo and nocebo effects have emerged as an elegant model to explore the role of pain modulatory systems from a psychoneurobiological perspective. Gaining deeper knowledge of top-down mechanisms of pain modulation has enormous implications for personalizing and optimizing pain management. In this review, we present the most recent advances in placebo and nocebo research that have been achieved towards translational and neurobiological research. We focus primarily on preclinical aspects, psychological and genetic variables associated with proneness to respond to placebo and nocebo. Brain mechanisms of top-down regulation of pain processing, and the neurochemistry underlying these changes, are also discussed.

The Placebo Effect in Pain Therapies

Pharmacological strategies for pain management have primarily focused on dampening ascending neurotransmission and on opioid receptor-mediated therapies. Little is known about the contribution of endogenous descending modulatory systems to clinical pain outcomes and why some patients are mildly affected while others suffer debilitating pain-induced dysfunctions. Expectancy-induced analgesia and placebo effects in general have emerged as useful models to assess individual endogenous pain modulatory systems. Different systems and mechanisms trigger placebo effects that highly impact pain processing, clinical outcomes, and sense of well-being. This review illustrates critical elements of placebo mechanisms that inform the methodology of clinical trials, the discovery of new therapeutic targets, and the advancement of personalized pain management.

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A new animal model of placebo analgesia: involvement of the dopaminergic system in reward learning

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Placebo and pain : from bench to bedside

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Placebo and Pain

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Placebo- and nocebo-induced pain modulation: from bedside to bench and back to bedside
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