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Gill has been described as one of the Fifty Key Thinkers of International Relations and it is noted that "confining his thought to any discipline or sub-field unfairly diminishes the breadth of his work. Gill was raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire , England and states that the British class system in which he grew up was one of the most important factors in shaping his political outlook: "This system helped forge a sense of injustice and resistance to illegitimate power that have been driving forces in much of my intellectual and political work.

Globalization, Market Civilization and Disciplinary Neoliberalism

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The essay asks whether current practices are in contradiction to the material and human interests and indeed the very survival of humankind and the integrity of the planet, its biosphere, and its life-forms. It concludes by identifying some forms of political agency that might help reshape governance towards more equitable, socially just and sustainable planetary governance. Arrighi, Giovanni. Braudel, Fernand. The Perspective of the World , trans. Post-Socialist Political Economy. Gill, Stephen.

Gill, Stephen, ed. Hook, Leslie. Laslett, Peter, ed. Mill, John Stuart. Moore, Jason. Capitalism in the Web of Life London: Verso, Murphy, Craig. Polanyi, Karl. Raval, Anjli, and Attracta Mooney. Van der Pijl, Kees. Chiaki Nishiyama and Kurt R. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, , — Reference Works. Primary source collections. Open Access Content. Contact us. Sales contacts. Publishing contacts. Social Media Overview.

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Stephen Gill, 'Globalization, Market Civilisation and Disciplinary Neoliberalism'

Declining growth rates and rising unemployment as well as socio-economic inequalities signalled the crisis of globalisation. Dissent around socio-economic inequalities and austerity measures was articulated by far-right political parties and populist leaders coupled with the rise of anti-immigrant and xenophobic political parties. Within this historical context, this chapter has two concerns. First, how do mainstream and critical approaches within the discipline of International Political Economy explicate double crises of liberalism economic liberalism and political liberalism and rise of populism and far-right politics. It then aims to uncover what these approaches anticipate for future prospects of globalisation and which kind of strategies they put forward to overcome the crises. Second, the chapter then aspires to study to what extent there is retreat from globalisation and a rising trend of isolationism through debating continuity and change in terms of foreign direct investment and international trade after — crisis.

Toward a Postmodern Prince? The Battle in Seattle as a Moment in the New Politics of Globalisation

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: I first examine the reasons for the failure of the Seattle talks, and secondly, evaluate the protests and their political significance. View on SAGE.

Stephen Gill (political scientist)

Alcohol, tobacco, and unhealthy foods contribute greatly to the global burden of non-communicable disease NCD. Member states of the World Health Organization WHO have recognized the critical need to address these three key risk factors through global action plans and policy recommendations. The WHO action plan identifies the need to engage economic, agricultural and other relevant sectors to establish comprehensive and coherent policy. To date one of the biggest barriers to action is not so much identifying affective policies, but rather how a comprehensive policy approach to NCD prevention can be established across sectors. Much of the research on policy incoherence across sectors has focused on exposing the strategies used by commercial interests to shape public policy in their favor.

The conference documentation consists of:. Video Plenary II, 5.

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