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Documentation Help Center. This example shows how to combine a line plot and two stem plots.

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A stem-and-leaf display or stem-and-leaf plot is a device for presenting quantitative data in a graphical format, similar to a histogram , to assist in visualizing the shape of a distribution. They evolved from Arthur Bowley 's work in the early s, and are useful tools in exploratory data analysis. Stemplots became more commonly used in the s after the publication of John Tukey 's book on exploratory data analysis in Modern computers' superior graphic capabilities have meant these techniques are less often used. This plot has been implemented in Octave [2] and R.

Combine Line and Stem Plots

Use a backslash to escape a newline and continue a statement on the following line. The operator for incrementing the value in a variable; the operator for decrementing the value in a variable. NA can be used for missing numerical values. Using a logical operator on NA raises an error. Comparison operators return NA when one of the arguments is NA.

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Documentation Help Center. The data values are indicated by circles terminating each stem. If Y is a vector, then the x -axis scale ranges from 1 to length Y. If Y is a matrix, then stem plots all elements in a row against the same x value, and the x -axis scale ranges from 1 to the number of rows in Y. The X and Y inputs must be vectors or matrices of the same size. Additionally, X can be a row or column vector and Y must be a matrix with length X rows.

This MATLAB function plots the data sequence, Y, as stems that extend from a Data Types: single | double | int8 | int16 | int32 | int64 | uint8 | uint16 | uint

Stem-and-leaf plot

R Save Plot To Pdf. In most cases ggsave is the simplest way to save your plot, but sometimes you may wish to save the plot by writing directly to a graphics device. To toggle the display of the soundings, right-click the data file folder and select 'Enable Soundings'. It can be adapted to smaller computers by decreasing the values in the vector nVariables below.

Documentation Help Center. If ydata is a vector, then boxchart creates a single box chart. Each box chart displays the following information: the median, the lower and upper quartiles, any outliers computed using the interquartile range , and the minimum and maximum values that are not outliers. For more information, see Box Chart Box Plot. The software groups the data in the vector ydata according to the unique value combinations in xgroupdata if specified and cgroupdata , and plots each group of data as a separate box chart.

Visualising data is one of the most important tasks facing the data analyst. Equally important, perhaps even more important, is the fact that drawing graphs helps you to understand the data. Figure 6.

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Intro Examples. The following examples provide some practice with stem-and-leaf plots, as well as explaining some details of formatting, and showing how to create a "key" for your plot. Stem-and-Leaf Plots. The first thing I'll do is reorder this list. It isn't required, but it surely makes life easier.

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