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Operations Center Staff Directory. Administration Org Chart. Instructional Services Org Chart. Public Information Logo and Guidelines. Technical Services Org Chart. Strand 1 PC Hardware.

Standard 2 Differentiate between motherboard components, their purposes, and properties. Standard 3 Compare and contrast RAM types and features. Standard 4 Install and configure expansion cards. Standard 5 Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media. Standard 6 Differentiate among various CPU types and features and select the appropriate cooling method.

Standard 7 Compare and contrast various connection interfaces and explain their purpose. Standard 8 Install an appropriate power supply based on a given scenario.

Standard 9 Evaluate and select appropriate components for a custom configuration, to meet customer specifications or needs. Standard 10 Given a scenario, evaluate types and features of display devices.

Standard 11 Identify connector types and associated cables. Standard 12 Install and configure various peripheral devices. Strand 2 Networking. Standard 1 Identify types of network cables and connectors. Standard 2 Categorize characteristics of connectors and cabling. Standard 5 Compare and contrast wireless networking standards and encryption types.

Standard 7 Compare and contrast Internet connection types and features. Standard 8 Identify various types of networks. Standard 9 Compare and contrast network devices their functions and features. Standard 10 Given a scenario, use appropriate networking tools. Strand 3 Printers. Standard 1 Explain the differences between the various printer types and summarize the associated imaging process.

Standard 2 Given a scenario, install, and configure printers. Standard 3 Given a scenario, perform printer maintenance.

Strand 4 Operational Procedures. Standard 1 Given a scenario, use appropriate safety procedures. Standard 2 Explain environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls. Standard 3 Given a scenario, demonstrate proper communication and professionalism. Strand 5 Operating Systems. Standard 1 Compare and contrast the features and requirements of various Microsoft Operating Systems.

Standard 2 Given a scenario, install, and configure the operating system using the most appropriate method. Standard 3 Given a scenario, use appropriate command line tools. Standard 4 Given a scenario, use appropriate operating system features and tools. Standard 7 Perform preventive maintenance procedures using appropriate tools.

Standard 8 Explain the differences among basic OS security settings. Strand 6 Security. Standard 1 Apply and use common prevention methods. Standard 2 Compare and contrast common security threats. Standard 3 Implement security best practices to secure a workstation. Strand 7 Troubleshooting. Standard 1 Given a scenario, explain the troubleshooting theory. Standard 3 Given a scenario, troubleshoot hard drives with appropriate tools. Standard 4 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common video and display issues.

Standard 5 Given a scenario, troubleshoot wired and wireless networks with appropriate tools. Standard 6 Given a scenario, troubleshoot operating system problems with appropriate tools. Standard 7 Given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues with appropriate tools and best practices. Standard 8 Given a scenario, troubleshoot, and repair common laptop issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures.

Standard 9 Given a scenario, troubleshoot printers with appropriate tools. Highlight customer service and listening skills to understand a customer's problem so that student can help them, even when they are frustrated. Problem-solving skills are paramount so that you can figure out exactly what is causing the tricky hardware and software issues. P re K Education. Canvas Logins Find an Institution. Resources and services for Utah Higher Education faculty and students such as Canvas and collegEmedia.

Content and resources for career literacy and preparation. Career Ed News. Our goal is to educate, engage, and enrich the lives of Utah residents through broadcast programs and services.

On-Demand Support , opt. Students will learn necessary competencies for an entry-level IT professional including installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and performing preventive maintenance of basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.

Free tutorials computer repair and maintenance - PDF

In the recent period more and more people are interested in taking computer repair and maintenance courses and tutorials. The course includes tutorials that is adjusted for beginner level users which make it easy to learn and actually quite fun and entertaining. Learning has never been so simple and easy. The best part is that our list of computer courses is growing every day. We know that these useful tutorials are updated and upgraded all the time, so we are adding new courses and tutorials as soon as possible.

*Shortly after I built my first computer, I got the bug to work on Computer Maintenance and Repair.

Computer Maintenance & Repair I Hands-on Projects

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A+ Computer Maintenance & Repair A+ Computer Maintenance & Repair

Computer Repair Technician Resume Samples

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Computer Repair - A Complete Illustrated Guide To Pc Hardware

Summary : A results-driven, customer centric IT Professional with experience in networking, database support, hardware maintenance and repair in an educational environment. Proven leadership, analytical, organizational and interpersonal communication skills. Provide tier 2 and 3 technical support. Summary : Positive attitude, honest, and hard working individual. Continually in the top tier performance as a technician for Dell service, my current job. Specialized in computer hardware repair and components. Motivated worker who takes tremendous pride in his work.

Employability Skills Job descriptions can also vary, but in general, all computer repair technicians need to be comfortable tackling the following tasks: I must say it was the best decision I made. What is maintenance and why is it performed? This course provides the student with a broad view of PC Maintenance and Repair, focusing on the essential elements of hardware and software, as well as the importance of safety. Computer Installation, Maintenance and Repairing sample question and answer. Maintenance staffing 2. Recommended Maintenance Schedule Students who searched for List of Free Online Computer Maintenance Courses and Classes found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful. Course Element Notional Training Hours 1.

Use the following Rubric when composing a professi on al quality Email. Only Excellent Emails are.

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Operations Center Staff Directory. Administration Org Chart. Instructional Services Org Chart. Public Information Logo and Guidelines. Technical Services Org Chart.

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    8%. 5- PC Networking. 12%. 6- PC Professionalism, Safety, and Impact. 15%. 7- Troubleshooting Techniques. 8%. Computer Maintenance and Repair.

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    The knowledge and skills contained in these Computer Maintenance & Repair standards cover the necessary competencies for an entry-level IT professional.

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    Apply the knowledge to repair/maintain a computer. 2. Computer Hardware Repairs and. Maintenance. Page 3.

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    PDF | In assembling of a computer, the opportunity to practically handle all other related projects, The Principle of Maintenance and Repair.

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