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Liars in Heaven (Mar 6, 2017)

Prayer Request:
First of all, I have never known anyone who boast about how great they are and turn out to be so little. 16 years ago King of Kings so he calls himself stood by and allowed a demon to destroy my life because he trusted this demon to test my saved PASTOR dad who was murdered by a perfectly devised plant setup by the demons, while King Dumb shit stood by and did nothing. First of all Christ, you failed to protect my dad, (2 Thessalonians 3:3), (Psalm 91:11) (Exodus 14:14) just to name a few, now your failing to protect me, and I have prayed like the bible tells us to, and the Big Bad wolf just keeps on returning doing whatever he wants to. I know what pathetic is Jesus, your the picture of perfect patheticness, in 16 years, you havent done jack shit, a lot of big words but no action, in Isaiah 54:17 it states NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER, amazing isnt it thats the only thing prospering in my life is the ONE thing you said cant prosper. When I first became saved I thought this God is amazing, he controls all, he can do the impossible (Luke1:37) today, I think your a big fraud making promises you can NOT keep. I have prayed over 10,000 prayers for deliverance, that does not include mornings like today when I lay in bed praying in silent, you mock your words, you curse your words you break your promises, your overpowered by a demon who seems to have been given rights over my life. As I became saved, my mother stood before the church and prayed for me she was called to the front to pray on my behalf, I got a job this job, as it turns out I had made a comment about salesmen, (which I still dislike) and insulation (which I still dislike), seems a demon was given the right to listen in and was able to make it happen, a demon NOT God was able to make it happen, the same demon that murdered my dad, this magic demon, who has taken charge and control over my life also made a decision who I would live with and for how long I would live with her, this magic demon can put people in my life I prayed against and still today I have to deal with demons. I wake up early every morning because this magic demon wants me to, I spend my time on the weekend doing things I am forced to do because the magic demon wants me to, I smell his stinking soul because he is always around and able to do what God cant do, my prayers are listened to and reversed because the magic demon wants to bring and inflict as much pain and suffer as you worthless ass Gods allow him to. I see a jew who endured 40 pathetic days of testing which was only three simple bible school test, big deal you answer those questions, as I sit here I hear the comments of a demon, I see the resultsĀ  of satan, you have shamed me you have shamed yourself Christ, two years ago the big bad wolf was attacking me similar to how he is attacking, stalking and continuing to curse my prayers NO GOD, I rebuke being lied to by anyone especially some watered down make shift God who seems to trust the wrong spirits, I rebuke living under a satanic power of darkness and I REBUKE A GOD WHO FAILS as much as you do Jesus. FORCED to live against my will forced to work where I dont want to work forced to work for someone I dont like forced to do your work and no rewards. I have never went a year before I was saved without some form of blessing, since you Jesus I have lived nothing more thanĀ a cursed life because your precious demons want it that way, and they meet no resistence from a dead GOD. You have mocked, your words you have cursed me you have cursed your bible and I QUIT, I dont live for christ jesus the fraud who thinks its ok to demon possess a man who is saved a God who thinks its ok and holy to deny faith, I REBUKE YOU CHRIST, your a watered down God who controls NOTHING i see who is controling my life some jack ass demon claiming to be Harry Allen and George E Smith, dead people. Honor your bible Christ...quit lying!

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