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Prayer Request: Family witchcraft Prayer Request: Family witchcraft


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Family witchcraft (May 15, 2017)

Prayer Request:
Please pray for my protection. My maternal grandmother is a witch- she killed my mother- slowly drained her life out of her till she had no place in this world and died. Now she is doing the same to me- to bend her to her will and turn me into her servant. She is draining my life. My grandmothers maternal aunt was also a witch.  It runs in the family. She had power over everyone. We have witchcraft in the family- and so far it's been unbendable. Please pray for my protection from my grandmother who practices witchcraft- including the protection of my career.  Even when I was a little girl I always knew my grandmother was a witch- even before I started being on the receiving of what she could do.  Amen 

   Discussion: Family witchcraft
Brian Sperling · 2 years, 1 month ago
I will pray for your protection Natasha

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