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Aaron Hylton

Vision and health urgent please (Dec 6, 2017)

Prayer Request:
 I am in great urgent need for Prayer for my vision and health. Have been to many dr even a surgeon specialist who all say my eyes check out fine which makes everything point to something neurological. I Pray more than i ever could for anything it is not. I have been having a terrible time with extremely bad after images and light sensitivity bad light spots and flashing lights spots and shadows that aren’t there flashes of black and colored spots lost some strength in my right eye seeing objects repeatedly after looking away even seeing lights and colors and things with my eyes closed and so much more. My eyes are also extremely painful and red all the time the worst pain I’ve ever expereinced. Which had also been unexplainable. I haven’t been able to work or do hardly anything in almost six months. I’ve also been having bad headaches strange pains and feelings dizziness numbness in different parts of my body and so so much more. I am honestly scared to death for my life like living a real life nightmare.  I KNOW my God alone can heal absolutely every single thing and I Pray more than I ever could for anything ever he will please my Precious Heavenly Father. Any and all Prayer is greatly greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless all. Aaron Hylton, Hardyville,KY ​

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