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Emotional Predator (Mar 20, 2015)

Prayer Request:
All people in this situation are born again Christians including myself. There is a man in ministry who has a history of being a full fledge narcissist, who has a reputation of targeting vulnerable single women, and sweeping them off their feet. After he knows he has them starts his emotional abuse. Uses them for narcissistic supply, praise ,wants admiration, compliments, attention, their accolades, or anything that he thinks they have that will make him look better, etc.. Sucks them dry of their life's energy, devastates them emotionally, get bored with them and goes after another woman. He's an older man, has never been married. He recently targeted another  woman clueless of his clinical disorder. Pray that his narcissism will be exposed to her, and that she will see his true colors  break away and escape much grief. Thank you.

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